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VU Bistro
Heidi Hake, Owner

Originally from Wisconsin, Heidi’s mom got a job teaching in Arizona when she was about 10, between fourth and fifth grade. She moved to California for a while when she graduated high school, then Hawaii, then a couple different places. But then she moved back to Arizona.

She’s always been, since high school, in the restaurant industry. She switched to the spa industry, opening up VU Salon and Spa in Fountain Hills, a salon and spa with a small restaurant, going on 18 years ago.

“It was really fun,” she says, “the girls hung out went shopping had spa services, had lunch on the patio, and it was it was a really great business, but we decided to take it to another level and just focus on one.”

Over the last eight years, Heidi’s been in the process of converting the salon and spa, growing the bar and restaurant. “We’re almost completely restaurant. We have, probably, another six months to finish the outdoor patio.”

VU Bistro already boasts a scratch kitchen. “Our chefs are very, very, very good at what they do” Heidi beams, “and they do everything from homemade chips and guacamole to New York Strips and filets. It’s a lot of variety; a lot of local cooking, working with plants of the desert like Cactus.”

Because of the view, VU Bistro has a very nice local clientele base, as well as tourists, snowbirds, including a lot of Canadians. Dinner Specials, drink specials, and live music on the Weekends keep VU Bistro Pretty busy.

“With this beautiful patio – 3,000 square feet of patio – there’s a lot we can do with that. We want to do an outdoor Kitchen out here and start doing more events and parties.”

Fountain Hills has grown, and VU Bistro is on the border of Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, as you come into Fountain Hills.
14815 East Shea Boulevard, Fountain Hills
480 375 8670