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Do You Want Your Brand To Have Greater Reach?

Mariposa Mobile® Coupons’ “Spin-to-Win”, “Scratch-to-Win”, and “Play the Slots” gamification lets customers play for discounts on their smartphone!

“Loyalty card” features bring them back.

77% of your customers own a smart phone!

69% Use social Media!

They knowingly share personal information for personalized services. 

Geofence Your Market

with Lodestone®
Proximity Beacons.

Retail, service, restaurants & bars, any b&m (or online) business.


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Local Motive Marketing

Head to Local Motive Marketing for your business marketing needs. With a variety of fast acting solutions, we can get customers in your door doing business today!

Saguaro Hotspot

 The power of WIFI marketing and advertising made easy for your business. Get your customers interacting with your business when they log into the WIFI near by.