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The owner of 3D Krav Maga, Charley Powell. tells us a little bit of the history of Krav Maga.
The short version is simply World War 2 era when Europe is basically in shambles. Imi Lichtenfeld, as we we kind of denote as our founder here, was kind of a talented both at like a gymnast, a martial artist, a boxer. His father was a police officer and he started banding together communities, villages, and going okay how can we protect ourselves? If we don’t have a true military presence to help us out during these times being a persecuted Jew how can we get the normal citizen up to some sort of speed to be able to protect themselves in short order? And that’s the genesis of what how we, the system was created.
He was actually a refugee at one point and literally fell off a ship trying to escape. He’s got his own quite a quite a story but he had been developing it and it didn’t turn into something that was truly give-able to a civilian until by the 80s. But he became one of Israel’s main trainers in the military. And it all started with the idea that let’s take a normal person and get him up to speed as fast as possible. Take an instinctual movement and simplify it make it aggressive. Take what the person would normally do and then make it usable. Teach them to use it.
We took what is appropriate in martial arts. So we can draw from other systems but at the same time let’s strip out the things that don’t work. So if I can take the same sort of motion that is natural and use it in multiple situations, well let’s teach that and get good at it versus a whole bunch of very complicated things. So yes, he kind of married the martial arts form to something that is usable in the street.
So, personally, I’ve been doing roughly 15 years.
Krav Maga was something I was looking for; something I fell in love with immediately. And I felt very comfortable with the fact that I was doing something useful on day one. So becoming an instructor was sort of a natural path for me. I didn’t really ask for it. It sort of came to me and and I love it and I thrive it.
Our school is relatively small and classes are anywhere from 14 to 20 typically. A couple of morning classes a little smaller a little more personal maybe eight people; so just big enough to have a lot of fun and be real dynamic but small enough that we’re personal we can deal with each other individually, too.
There’s a slight difference in in a way we train and that’s really kind of the magic of how we do things. What we do is line you up with a partner and a pad or some other instruction and we’re going to try it. So we practice with each other on each other and so by the end of a single class they will literally have performed in a relative combat speed whatever we’ve shown them. So in fact we try to not be perfect, if that makes sense.
We have to present the tools; show you how to use those tools; and then you, your body, your mind, and your reactions are gonna dictate which tools to use. And so, even in with that tool set, we’re gonna provide some imperfect conditions so you might be pumped around; you might be off-balance; there might be noise of every… multiple people screaming; there may be there’s different things going on all the time that create the adrenaline you may have in your life so that when you use that tool it’s the tool that comes out of you, which remains it ultimately more useful than the tool I said.

We do a couple of different things and we have we have everything from a pay by the class sort of model or we sell them in packs but most of our students, in fact 99% of our students, come on a monthly recurring kind of basis and what we don’t do is long term contracts and kind of lock people in we don’t do a lot of that kind of trickery that comes with membership type things. It’s a membership, but it’s just that let us know when you’re done. So most people come in they sign right up and they just go keep going until they’re ready,
So, so it’s not that you have to stay till you get the belt kind of thing. That’s right. yeah We’re here to help people. We’re not here to enslave them to our method, so we want them to get what they could get out of it stay as long you’re welcome as long as you can and then things happen it’s okay.
That’s great. Yeah
That’s great. Well Charlie give me your website.
So we are right there at www.3dkravmaga.com, and so it’s three the number, D KRav Maga dot com.
Okay. And your phone number. 602 699 5229
Okay and the address is 6665…?
6555 E Southern. We’re in the Superstition Mall. Superstition Springs Mall suite 2218. We’re right upstairs by the food court if you look for any of the corner sales or something you’ll you’ll find us.