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And now I have Jeannie… Hey, darlin’.
Hi! How are you?
I’m still just as cute and cuddly as I ever was. Well you are. You’re just adorable.
See this is why I wear boots. You can’t see them on this, but you’ll see them on
the video I wear boots okay and because I got people that can Bull… as good as I can.
I can kick ass too
That’s right. This is not radio. This is internet radio so I can say bullshit.
She can bullshit as good as I can. So tell us about Jeannie. If I recall correctly, you’re not an Arizonan native.
You’re right. I’m not.
I recall correctly.
Yeah. Those two brain cells were in proximity.
Tell us, where’d you come from? I
came from Miami Beach Florida. Lived in
Daytona. In Indianapolis,
Maryland, Kentucky and Ohio. Now I’m here. Okay…
So, wetter place, not much drier place,
not much drier place, definitely not much
drier place, to – oh my god it’s a dry heat.
I love it. I love it here. So what brought you here though?
My um, I had injured my back
and I was going through divorce and
injured my back and couldn’t walk
or sit or stand and so I couldn’t work.
I lost my job and so I came out here and
my brother owned the textbook company.
And so I worked. He he’d hire me you know, and now I could I didn’t have to worry
about not being able to have to do this
that or the other.
He’s family he had to be more tolerant… Oh, yeah, he had to be more tolerant of me, thank you.
He tolerated me. So, I worked with him for awhile.
Okay. And that got me on my feet again.
So, at least that got you to where you
were moving forward. Did that… that didn’t
actually help with the back pain, though… No (laughs).
I wouldn’t think a textbook company… No… would
actually help with the back pain… No. I did some
physical therapy but that’s what got me
interested in doing but I do. I’ve always
been into healing and wanting to find
healing; I wanted to be a nurse when I
was in high school and that I, the idea
of learning all that just overwhelmed me;
and giving somebody a shot; and I just,
it scared me and so I didn’t.
So how did you get it get into doing…
Honestly I prayed about
it. I just prayed about it. I knew that
God had a plan for me.
I’ve been doing quantum
physics for probably 15 years, and it’s a
it’s a therapy that works on people no
matter where you are in the world.
Well, you know, physics is physics.
Yeah. And Einstein recognized that. Yeah. It works right now.
You know. How does it work? I don’t know. I just
thank God it does. Literally. And – you know –
It is the energy. And God is the source.
Yeah. Yeah. And so, and if you’re not
comfortable with that term folks you can
use the universe, and you can use
infinity. You can use whatever you want
to because it’s real and… It is what it is.
…exactly. It is what it is. I’m not big
on labels myself but it’s it’s the fact.
It’s the reality.
It’s the reality you create; the reality
you make; and so what you do… this is why
what you do – the different things you do –
fascinates me so much. Thank you.
Arizona Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy
6024 East McKellips, number 2,
Mesa, Arizona. 85215.
Your phone number.
480 962 4022. – and your website. https://azmassagetherapy.com
I’m in East Mesa, at McKellips and
Recker, and I’ve been in business 25 years and so.
And you do neuromuscular…
Neuromuscular therapy, quantum biofeedback, SRC.
I do the aveson, which gets oxygen into the body. I have an ERE that works on the electrical system; I have bio tuners that work on the blood; I do the biomass, the Beemer,
I can go on . I remember you mentioning the Beemer. Yeah. We talked about the biomass. Yeah. that’s great.
Well, Jeannie it’s been an honor having me on the show
I’m honored to be here. And I’m hoping that you come back to elaborate more on some of these
modalities… Oh, I forgot to mention my Jeannie In A Bottle pain spray relief. Cool. Yeah. And from my SRC program. And you know the SRC is something everybody should have in their home
because it it’s something it’s so easy to use and people can use it as a as a tool to help work on their own problems at home and it’s not expensive. It’s affordable.
And I’m assuming it’s much safer than electric shock. You can’t do any harm
this you cannot do any harm. The steel
player in my band,
yeah he had been a lifetime TV technician, and
of course that was very tedious work.
Yeah. So every time he started getting
kind of worn out, he’d look for the right component of the TV and he’d ZZZZT! give himself a charge. And he’d be alert. And he’d be
awake, for quite a while after that. Oh God. He would do that deliberately so
yeah it was just like so you just you got to be careful with people sometimes.
I know. I know. Jeannie, I do want you to come back
well…I’d love to! It’d be fun!
Oh, God, we could go on forever
God Bless ya, darlin’.