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Connecting you to businesses you can trust.

Imagine knowing the owner or manager of a local business you’ve never visited like they're your next-door neighbor.

A friend told you about hearing them on the radio talking about how they came to do what they do; the challenges they faced in starting a small business; how they stood toe-to-toe with those challenges, and prevailed. Your friend felt a connection, and told you where to find a podcast. That they would send you a social media link to a video.

It was almost as if you were sitting across the table from them as they bared their soul. Maybe they were "in the right place at the right time." Or maybe they were "downsized."; their job was "outsourced". You've been through some of that.

It’s silly, but you like them already. This is someone you feel you can put your trust in. Now you want to meet them.

That’s why you’re going to their business right now.

The Phoenix Network was envisioned to offer locals a way to find local businesses they can know, like and trust through live radio, podcast, video, and social media.

Everybody loves a good story.

The Phoenix Network was envisioned to offer local entrepreneurs like you 10 minutes to tell your story on live radio, in a live podcast, captured live in video.

Imagine reaching a customer market almost 5 million strong, with over 50,000 weekly listeners as they're working in the yard, or driving the kids to the game, instantly sharing what inspired you to go into business, the courage it took to overcome misgivings, and your confidence in the freedom that an entrepreneur enjoys. Mentally see yourself in widely distributed videos, and hear yourself in podcast. Forever.

"A picture is worth a thousand words." - Confucius

At 30 frames per second, every 1 minute of video they watch you tell your story (on one of the four video channels it's distributed to) is equivalent to 1,800,000 pictures (if Confucius was right).

Sponsored exclusively by Local Motive Marketing®, each weekly episode of The Phoenix Network® will originate from a different locally-owned restaurant, retail, or service business (could it be yours?), and is limited to 5 local entrepreneur interviews.

The schedule is filling up. Contact Call 602-618-6626. Do it today.

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