The Phoenix Network - Small Business Marketing That Works

STRUGGLING to find marketing that works for your
local small business?

We develop "Big Business Marketing"
for small businesses.

We stage a 3-phase

The third phase looks like this:

Simple. Smart. Affordable.


We began with radio, because the market for local small businesses is primarily local.
But podcasts reach locals, too. And many, many more, in more places.
This is Public Relations.
You, telling Your Story, in your words, makes an authentic connection like no other.


A "mini-documentary" video of You, telling Your Story, syndicated across 5 video channels, with links to your website.
Online video is overtaking TV.
Your Story in text format,
lets the search engines find you, and enhance the SEO of your website.


We post "micro-spots" (usually 6-10 second excerpts from the "mini-documentary", like the one above) on 5 social media platforms; 5 different days on each platform,
with each platform, each day, linking to a different video channel.
Pushing the videos a total of
25 times

The Team

Eugene J. Kernan

Eugene J. Kernan

Executive Producer/Host Gene Kernan's lifelong entrepreneurial journey has included work as a tradesman; door-to-door and telephone salesman; songwriter; stage performer/promoter; media producer; and digital/mobile marketer.

Christina L. Lewis

Christina L. Lewis

Owner of Saving Lives On The Go, LLC and Apphia Home Care, LLC, Executive Co-Producer Christina Lewis serves as the "interface" with the station control room, ensuring that the on location Team is apprised on time and sound quality.

William P. Searle

Bill Searle's Cholla Production LLC has been producing quality affordable video since 2003. From concept to final product in Advertising, Instructional/Educational Videos, Live Performances, and television shows, "Your Vision in Media."

★ ★ ★ ★★ 

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1 thing about "search engines" hasn't changed
Hyper-Local Syndication


- links from other websites -


TheoplexusTM takes your content and syndicates it on up to 194 local websites in your market.

It's Hyper-Local
Web Syndication
Know Customers
Like Family

77% of your customers own a smartphone.

69% use social media.

They knowingly share personal data for personalized service.

Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing

Geofence Your Market

with Lodestone®
Proximity Beacons.

For retailers, service business, restaurants & bars, any brick & mortar (or online) business.

Live radio, driving social; social (x5) driving video; video (x5) driving website traffic.
Driving business.

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