The Phoenix Network - Broadcasting Local Business

What if…

you could have people AUTOMATICALLY associate your name with your business; Your Industry?

The Phoenix Network is crafted to use
Your Story
to grow
Your Brand.


It starts with

Imagine instantly connecting with a customer market almost 5 million strong, with over 60,000 weekly listeners on
Independent Talk 1100 KFNX

Inspiring them as you share facing the same challenges some of them have faced; overcoming some of the same obstacles they've overcome, to be where you are today; the exhilaration you feel accomplishing more than you ever thought you could.

You, the Owner or Principal of a local business – perhaps a restaurant, retail or service shop serving as the broadcast venue – appearing with 4 other local business owners, each telling your Story in a 10-minute “interview style” story-telling segment, on

Boosted by VIDEO (x5)

Mentally see yourself telling your story on video; a "mini-documentary"…

…"syndicated" on 5 video channels, with enough information to make the search engines see them, and enhance the SEO of your website.
Fancy those "syndicated" videos

Driven by

with “micro-spots” (like the one above) posted on up to 5 social media platforms, each platform driving traffic to each of the 5 video channels. Driving viewers to your videos.

Social media “micro-spots” have been viewed
in South America and across Europe,
through the Middle East and Africa,
across Asia and Australia,
as well as nationally.

The Team

Eugene J. Kernan

Eugene J. Kernan

Host-Producer Gene Kernan’s lifelong entrepreneurial journey has included work as a roofer and cabinet-installer; door-to-door and telephone salesman; stage performer and promoter; television and radio commercial producer; and digital/mobile marketer.

Christina L. Lewis

Christina L. Lewis

Owner of Saving Lives On The Go, LLC and Apphia Home Care, LLC, Co-Producer Christina Lewis serves as the "interface" with the station control room, ensuring that the on location Team is apprised on time and sound quality.

William P. Searle

Bill Searle's Cholla Production LLC has been producing quality affordable video since 2003. From concept to final product in Advertising, Instructional/Educational Videos, Live Performances, and television shows, “Your Vision in Media.”

What you'll
get out of it

★ a chance to connect with people on a personal level, and set yourself apart from the herd;
seen on 5 videos platforms, all with your website URL in the description or placed within the video itself; and,
★ social media attention, from a variety of social platforms.

Live radio, driving social; social driving video; video(x5) driving website traffic. Social, driving radio, video and podcast; driving website traffic. Video, driving radio and podcast; driving social; driving website traffic.

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