The Phoenix Network - Broadcasting Local Business
The Phoenix Network - Broadcasting Local Business

Once upon a time,

nearly every major American Company - automobile and motorcycle companies, banks, department stores, and more - was named for its Founder(s). Name(s) and Brand were synonymous. Hearing either, you remembered…

The Story.

What if you could have people automatically associate your name with your product or service, like Henry Ford, Bill Harley & Art Davidson, J.P. Morgan and R.H. Macy did?

Your Story
to grow
Your Brand.

It starts with

Imagine reaching a customer market almost 5 million strong, with over 60,000 weekly listeners as they're working in the yard, or driving the kids to the game, instantly connecting with them as you share facing the same challenges some of them have faced; overcome some of the same obstacles they've overcome, to be where you are today.

Inspiring them with the exhilaration you felt, of accomplishing more than you ever thought you could.

You, as either an Owner or Principal of a local restaurant, retail or service shop (or any kind of business, preferably locally-owned), appearing as the Venue Guest – your business serving as the broadcast venue – with 4 other local business owners, each telling their Story in a 10-minute “interview style” story-telling segment, on
Independent Talk 1100 KFNX

Boosted by VIDEO (x5)

Mentally see yourself telling your story on video; a "mini-documentary"…

…"syndicated" on 5 video channels, with with enough information to make the search engines see them, and enhance the SEO of your website.
Fancy those "syndicated" videos

Driven by

with “micro-spots” (like the one above) posted on up to 5 social media platforms, each driving traffic to each of the 5 video channels. Driving viewers to your videos.

What you'll
get out of it

★ a chance to connect with people on a personal level, and
set yourself apart from the herd;
seen on 5 videos platforms, all with your website URL in the description, or placed within the video itself; and,
★ social media attention, from a variety of social platforms.

Live radio, driving social; social driving video; video(x5) driving website traffic. Social, driving radio, video AND podcast; driving website traffic. Video, driving radio and podcast; driving social; driving website traffic.

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