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Circumstances have changed.

We adapted.

Pay for what you GET!


It starts with a 10 minute Skype/ZOOM video Storytelling call, crafted to make an authentic connection with the primarily-local consumer market. Because humans are genetically predisposed to respond to Story.

Due to the "circumstances"  cost will be based upon RESULTS (for now)1.

for a "Watch Party" release

  • to my personal – and 4 Business Pages' – friends and followers;
  • on 50+ FB Groups;
  • and to
  • networks on four (4) other social platforms.


For an Added Fee, your "mini-documentary" video of Your Story, can be syndicated across multiple video channels,
(includes links to your website
Your Story in text format2,
to help the search engines find you, and enhance the SEO of your website.)

★ ★ ★ ★★ 

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Attraction Marketing

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Again, due to the "circumstances", costs for any
Local Motive Marketing service will be
based upon RESULTS (for the first month).

You KNOW what to do.

1 We foresee "results based pricing" will expire when we begin "live streaming"  to multiple platforms. But circumstances will dictate.

2 Created from the video transcript.

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