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What is "Internet Radio"?

Internet radio is the popular term for a live audio webcast, i.e., streaming a broadcast over the internet (aka, the “web”). The term "webcast" technically includes broadcasting audio or video information either live or recorded.

When recorded for on-demand replay, the same webcast is known typically as "podcast".

The Phoenix Network's webcasting model is internet radio, (recorded audio (podcast) and recorded video (syndicated to multiple channels), supported by social media (multiple platforms).

The current state of technology allows our small Team to broadcast using a laptop, without the need for full-scale film crews and satellite trucks.

Business Applications

Examples of webcasts (live and on-demand) include television programming streamed online, radio content streamed online and, in the commercial sector, investor relations presentations and e-learning trainings and seminars. Other applications for business webcasts include:
  • Communications (company announcements &emdash; internal and external &endash: and executive communications;
  • Product updates; and
  • Sponsored webcasts to generate leads.
The Phoenix Network is a variation on that last category. Our primary purpose is to accelerate local spending at local businesses using Public Relations principles, for a modest fee. Our secondary purpose is generating leads for the Team of local business owners who created and produce the audio, recorded and syndicated video; and syndicated social media; each of whom underwrites The Phoenix Network.

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