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What is a webcast?

A webcast is an audio or video presentation "broadcast," over the internet; aka, the "web". Webcasts are either managed or self-service.

Although the term "webcast" technically includes broadcasting information either live or recorded (for listening/viewing "on-demand"), live audio is commonly referred to as "internet radio", with recorded audio (on-demand) known typically as "podcast".

The Phoenix Network's current webcasting model is a live, on-location audio webcast (internet radio), with recorded audio (podcast) and video, supported by social media.

The current state of technology allows our small Team to broadcast using a laptop (live video, streaming webcasts are included in our future plans), without the need for full-scale film crews and satellite trucks.

Business Applications

Examples of webcasts (live and on-demand) include television programming streamed online, radio content streamed online and, in the commercial sector, investor relations presentations and e-learning trainings and seminars. Other applications for business webcasts include:
  • Communications (company announcements &emdash; internal and external &endash: and executive communications;
  • Product updates; and
  • Sponsored webcasts to generate leads.
The Phoenix Network is a variation on that last category. Our primary purpose is to accelerate local spending at local businesses using Public Relations principles, for a modest fee. Our secondary purpose is generating leads for the Team of local business owners who created and produce the audio, recorded and syndicated video; and syndicated social media; each of whom underwrites The Phoenix Network.

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