The Phoenix Network - Broadcasting Local Business

By $caling down the co$t

of multi-channel marketing.

As described on our Home Page,
we create Media Events.

We "bundle" five (5) local small businesses (one (1) "Venue" location, four (4) non-competing "Guests") per broadcast.

We "bundle" live, on-location podcast and modern technologies like syndicated video (on five (5!) channels - with "content") and syndicated social media (on five (5!) social platorms), substantially reducing the cost of marketing through more than one channel.

We "bundle" the bundles with
big business' most powerful tool - "Public Relations"- combining media relations, community relations, and integrated communications, into publicity events, using social media to invite the community to
"Meet & Greet" the business owners
before - and after -
the on-location live podcast.

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