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Contract and Release

Appearance on The Phoenix Network

The Phoenix Network will stage a Media Event that includes:
pre-broadcast (podcast) announcements on podcast platforms and social media starting the day after executing this Contract*; ten minutes to “tell your story” on a live on-location podcast;
"Live Social" broadcast on as many social platforms as practicable;
Your Story (the recorded) will be archived and scheduled for "re-release" on an ever-growing list of syndicated plaforms (worldwide), and available (on demand) on nearly every device;
video capture – with your interview “tactically” uploaded to the Show’s and the Sponsor’s YouTube channels,
to Daily Motion, to Vimeo, and Metacafe;
(and provided to you for upload to your own online video channel and website(s) at your option);
post-interview video production will include up to four (4) “photo cutaways” (on-screen photo with interview “voiceover”) at your option);
“before and after” promotion (advertising) through the Show’s and the Sponsor’s five (5) social media platform accounts, including post-upload “micro spots” (6+ second excerpts of your interview video) with links to all video delivery channels (linking to your own video channel, or your website (or both), for maximum SEO value.
*If you’re the Venue, you will receive additional mentions, endorsements and invitations to the public at every break.

You, as Guest, in order to deliver your story to reap the greatest reward, will:
Meet with Production Team as far in advance of appearance as possible, to discuss story elements, and to provide your business history, your biography, any photo material you want included in the final video (up to four (4) photos included at no additional charge).

YOU are responsible to tell your story, with the help of the Team, guided by the interview format.
First, you’ll talk about your business. What you do, where, when.
Next, you will tell the audience about yourself and (if you’re comfortable) your family (and any off-screen partner(s)).
Then Host will lead you into how you decided to go into this business. Was it Vision? Did you set out on a Mission? Is there a reason you chose this particular business, like experience? Education? Inspiration?
We’ll ask you to describe obstacle(s) you encountered, and how you overcome each obstacle, to “resolve” your story with where you are today.
We’ll ask about offer(s) you make to listeners; explain the value; and tell listeners how to contact you.
All Guests: YOU will provide the host with your commercial message, and be onsite at the Venue no less than 30 minutes prior to broadcast time.

The "Introductory Special" fee is $ 250.00, whether Guest or Venue,
payable by check (in advance) or through PayPal (below).

This Agreement is deemed Executed upon payment.
Specify Appearance Date in "Instructions to Seller" field.

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