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It's 2019. The tools aren't expensive. Staff is expensive, and we've kept that to a minimum.

Advertising is only one of many tools in a toolbox called Public Relations.

"The three main elements of public relations are practically as old as society: informing people, persuading people, or integrating people with people."

- Edward Bernays,
Public Relations; 1952

Bernays was right. More so than he even knew1.

In the early 1900s, "publicity events" were coordinated with media coverage so that brands could run supplementary paid advertisement adjacent to them, expanding upon THEIR STORY2.


In modern times public relations includes any one or more of many fields3, but we focus on building "media events" around YOUR STORY.

"It was a long time ago…"

nearly every major American Company - automobile and motorcycle companies, banks, department stores, and more - was named for its Founder(s). Hearing their name(s), you remembered their Brand. You remembered…

The Story.

That was public relations.

More than ever, business is built on relationships. What took weeks, months,or sometimes years to build has been unalterably changed by the nature of the modern world. Customers today, especially the younger ones, expect near-instant relationships; to know you as well as you know longstanding customers.

Public Relations is a favorite tool of "Big Business".

Make it YOURS!

1 History was right.
2For example, Henry Ford did very well running automobile ads connected to what were, in those days, "hobbyist" car races.
3Including, but not limited to: media relations; community relations; corporate and social responsibility; public affairs; crisis management; social media; employee relations; and integrated marketing and communications (fancier words for advertising).

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